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Construction generator

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Why choose us for your construction generator installation

We’ve spent 50 years in Brisbane and the surrounds supplying generators to construction sites around Australia. We’ve built up a brand name that is trusted. Benefits of our construction Generator installation:

Built for construction site use

Our installations and regular maintenance plans will ensure that you enjoy consistent and reliable power essential for construction & building sites.

High-quality brands with fuel efficiency

Reactive Generators only relies on reputable brands with premium build quality & components, as well as engines for great fuel efficiency. Our services come at the best prices possible, ensuring you get a great deal!

Things to know about generator servicing and repair

After your generator is effectively installed, it is also essential to keep the unit’s equipment running at optimum capacity to avoid the cost of complete failure. Establishing a relationship with a generator service company that can provide construction site generator repairs and maintenance regularly is very important for the health of your unit and its longevity overall. Construction generators are available in an extensive range of sizes, especially in cases of industrial-sized generators with large fuel tanks for a busy mining or construction site.

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Construction generator repair

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Installing the right generator for a construction site