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Data centre generator

Data center

Data centre generator

Data centres are super-powered centralized hubs that are meant to safely store, process, and manage large volumes of data for businesses. By super-powered, we mean that they have super electrical needs.

Why is data centre generator installation important?

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Data centre maintenance and repairs

We’ll support you through the provisioning of reliable power solutions to keep your data facilities and customers connected! As a service provider that has been operating in the Queensland area for over 50 years, we know how important it is to stick to the business commitment you make and the standards you set for your data center services. Our data centre generator solutions will meet your needs:

  • Automatic and consistent power
  • Quick start capabilities
  • Voltage regulation and load management
  • Emissions reduction
  • Noise reduction
  • Fuel efficiency

No matter what your unique needs are for a commercial generator installation, we offer integrated power systems and solutions for long-lasting power control. We also offer data centre generator servicing and maintenance schedules to help keep you on track. During regular maintenance, if we find an issue, our generator experts can easily repair the data centre generators

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Cost considerations for data centre generators


Other than the initial purchasing an installation cost, there are more factors to consider when budgeting for a data centre generator. The biggest one is the type of fuel that the generator uses. The two most common commercial generators used are diesel and natural gas generators. You will need to speak to a specialist who can help you figure out how much fuel is required to run for a certain number of days.


All types of generators, in the typical commercial and industrial range, need regular maintenance. Regardless of the fuel type, you will need to arrange a schedule with our team to maintain the generator and associated equipment. This is a basic and mandatory consideration because generators need maintenance to ensure that they will run when you need them most and prevent equipment failure during critical moments such as power loss due to power outage

Data centre facility assessment

Call us today and we’ll have one of our dedicated experts arrange a site visit, in order to accurately estimate required generator output size for your facility. We will measure storage racks, square area, and expected heat load. This will help gauge the facility’s power consumption needs

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Data centre generator installation sizing