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Generator service agreement

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Generator service agreements

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Reactive Generator’s industry-leading service agreements

Our comprehensive maintenance programmes include regular testing of your backup generator, resulting in fewer outages, faster repairs, and a longer generator lifespan. The regularly scheduled service appointments will usually include the following and much more:

1. Cleanliness

We will ensure that your generator is regularly cleaned and checked for leaks, intake of environmental debris and potential infestation of rodents and insects including within your control panels and enclosure venting. This part of the service plan is generally done on a 1, 3, 6 or 12-monthly basis.

2. Oil and filter change

We will regularly change your oil and replace it with a fresh supply of the manufactures recommended lubricant and we’ll also always recommend replacing the oil filter/s. Oil changes are recommended every 250 hours for medium to large generators engine.

3. Fuel and air filter change

Every Reactive Generator’s service will assess the quality of the current air filter and replace it if needed or as per the manufactures nominated schedule. Fuel filters must change item when ensuring the complete health of a fuel system, especially a diesel or electronic system.

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What is a generator service agreement?

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Benefits of a generator service agreement

1. No surprises, everything is scheduled

Service agreements help to take out the uncertainty of cost or worrying about how long it’s been since your last service. We will agree on how often service is scheduled and sign off on a fixed rate which helps to balance your budget plans well in advance and frees up time worrying about them.

2. Any problems are dealt with immediately

Many of our clients make the mistake of neglecting what seems minor, at first, for months or even years at a time and this is not a good idea. Generator issues tend to escalate very often unless they are managed.

3. Keep operations up to standard and compliant

Commercial and industrial sector operators have much stricter compliance legislation when it comes to generator usage and maintenance. Generators that haven’t been serviced fall outside of the bounds of compliance and they can void their warranty when a breakdown occurs.

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Reactive Generators’ Quality Guarantee

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