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Himoinsa Generators

Himoinsa is an industrial generator manufacturer that is part of the Yanmar Group, and it is a global corporation that designs and distributes power generation equipment worldwide. Himoinsa is one of the top brands for diesel and gas generator sets and engineering solutions for all kinds of industrial applications in Queensland. It also manufactures its own power generation equipment and parts. Products available to Queensland clients include generator sets both diesel and gas, as well as hybrid power gensets. Himoinsa can make very powerful, very large diesel generators as large as 3 000kVA that come with various configurations including container versions that can be equipped with synchronisation systems and soundproofed canopies.

Himoinsa’s industrial generator range is between 4kVA to 800kVA, and it offers a wide range of prime and backup configurations. It is durable enough in all of Queensland’s conditions and can be used for peak prime usage, continuous power supply, or on standby for industrial sectors. All Himoinsa generator units are manufactured to be strong againts extreme environments including very high and low temperatures, ice, snow, and rain while still maintaining a high-quality acoustic performance.

Benefits of a Himoinsa industrial generator

  • Himoinsa has instantaneous and automized equipment built-into their diesel generators because it guarantees a higher level of safety and helps to reduce installation costs. The use of this proven technology for continuous power needs will ensure long-lasting reliability and durability of the unit.
  • Himoinsa is also known for its generators unique design and customizable engineered solutions.
  • It is a vertical manufacturer which means it has complete control over every aspect of the production process and efficiency processes
  • Includes open and enclosed generator units that provide adequate prime and standby power. Himoinsa has a wide range of mechanical and electronic accessories that will enhance the performance of your unit
Himoinsa Generators

Reactive Generators repairs and services all types of Himoinsa generators for our industrial clients. This is usually the case for mining and construction industries and other industrial powered properties. We regularly train our engineers and technicians on the latest in Himoinsa tech and repair expertise, so that they provide the best possible service. We strongly advise that you keep up with the required maintenance of the equipment which is carried out to requisite standards for optimum efficiency.

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