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Kohler Generators

Kohler Generators

Kohler Generators

Kohler is one of the world’s largest industrial generator distributors and supplies to 800 different locations worldwide. It is one of the most trusted brands in the world and across Australia because they manufacture their own custom engines, and they are designed to last and to work well in a variety of harsh environments. Kohler offers a comprehensive warranties per location, but the standard is for 2 000 hours or 5 years on its standalone products.

The brand has been in operation for 100 years and supplies reliable, user friendly and versatile, industrial generators that are built to offer dependable power for all industrial applications, including standby, prime, and data centre. Kohler generators are available in a wide range of power outputs, all the way up to 4500kVA and can be customised for your specific needs in whatever Queensland based industry you work in. They are built to be compatible with a variety of options and accessories that are on offer to give you even more enhanced performance and deliver the best user experience. Kohler’s large, stationery industrial generators are available in open and acoustic enclosed variants with a full range of custom engineering solutions.

Benefits of a Kohler industrial generator

  • Kohler uses industrial generator enclosures that are perfectly designed for all units with durable coating made from tough metals. Higher range models have enclosures made of corrosion-resistant composite materials.
  • There is a power system available for nearly every industrial application that is powerful enough to power industrial plants to hotels, and hospitals as well as military operations and even airports. They pack a lot of power so you can trust that they will work when you need them most.
  • Kohler is backed by a century of engineering excellence, and they have a new generator class that is built with an appealing futuristic design that is meant to last for decades.
  • Even if the generators are built for large applications like mining, data centres and other industrial uses, they’re also designed to be flexible enough to offer better fuel economy and a smaller environmental footprint than ever before.
Kohler Generators

Reactive Generators is here for any repair or servicing of Kohler generators for our clients in Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba. We have a team of dedicated Kohler servicing experts who are available 24/7 throughout the region. We are based locally to adequately support our customers.

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