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Perkins Engine Powered Generator

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Perkins Generators

Perkins engine powered generators

Perkins engine powered generators has been an industrial generator provider for more than 75 years and the experience shows in the products that they distribute. It is one of the leading brands because it has constantly expanded on its power generation solutions that have thousands of different applications. Reactive Generators recommends the brand for industrial clients because it has a proven track record of advanced engineering and technology. It only offers high-performance diesel engines and that’s exactly what you need for industrial sized projects. Many clients have relied on the brand name for decades and its clear to understand why.

Generators with Perkins engine powered generators engines are renowned for reliability and good quality design. They are an excellent choice for prime power for those industrial clients who do not have easy access to the national power grid, but also for Queensland property owners who do not want any disruptions from power outages. Perkins engine powered generators diesel generators are applicable to several requirements and needs and they have models with capacity of up to 2 250kVA. Perkins engine powered generators are known for low operating costs and very impressive performance, even for industrial power supply needs and constraints. Industrial sized units are usually coated in high-quality materials that contribute to long-lasting performance against scratching, erosion, and corrosion.

Benefits of a Perkins engine powered generators industrial generator

  • Robust operations with reliable functioning
  • Efficient on fuel and economical on costs
  • One of the largest varieties of diesel engines
  • Modern, and instant cold-start function
  • Low installation and operational costs
  • Perkins engine powered generators specializes in diesel engines which are a suitable fuel type for industrial use
  • Extended warranties that rival other leading brands. All Perkins engine powered generators models come with warranties that range from 1 to 3 years in duration.
Perkins Generators

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