You might be looking for standby diesel generator supply in Brisbane, but you’re not sure of the best brand. Perkins is a well-known name for diesel generators in Brisbane’s industrial market and that’s because it has proven itself to be very effective. Reactive Generators is a leading provider of Perkins generators in Brisbane and we know how important backup power is on industrial and commercial sites. That’s why we are prepared to offer reliable power sources with the addition of the best maintenance servicing in Brisbane. Perkins generators are flexible enough to meet the needs of any commercial and industrial requirements and the range of diesel units bring added benefits. Perkins has a capacity of up to 2250kVA for commercial & industrial needs in Brisbane.

Perkin’s isn’t just a good brand for Australian customers, it is also a world recognized name for power purpose-built engines. It is a world leading designer and manufacturer of diesel engines that are perfect for providing power for a variety of applications; we supply a host of industries with these dependable power generators in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast. Here are eight reasons why you should use Perkins generators: robust reliability, efficient and economical operation, wide variety of engine sizes and options, good cold-start functioning, minimal operating Costs.

8 Benefits of a Perkins standby diesel generator

  • Advanced control & monitoring systems
    Perkins generators come with advanced monitoring systems that will help you to keep up with the health of your diesel generator, fuel levels and any faults that may need checking.
  • Diesel is a greener fuel type
    Diesel generators have the added benefit of better environmental impact versus other fuel types. Diesel is meant to operate better with much less emissions that are harmful to the environment. Also, you’ll use less energy overall, which means you’re putting less pressure on the power grid.
  • Diesel generators perform better
  • Diesel is a fuel type
    that requires less lubrication than other types so that means that it is more ‘fluid.’ By fluid, we mean more flexible and less rigid when it comes to how it moves around the generator engine. That means it needs less fuel to work and that means it will cost you less. Perkins’s generators are also known to operate with low noise levels. Perkins manufactures its commercial and industrial generators to have exhaust and muting systems customized for each set.
  • Perkins’s generators can work in any environment and climate. The engine and the parts that work with it are meant to be quiet, for all commercial applications, but tough and efficient for even the most demanding industrial environment.
  • Expect maintenance that is easy to keep up with and perform. Perkins generators are one of the backup power sources in Brisbane that are easy for us to deal with because the parts are easily available and easy to install. Just keep up with a maintenance schedule suggested by the professional working on your unit.
  • The cost of diesel generators is low and very economical. Diesel is a fuel type that you can expect to enjoy much more value for buck. Perkins Generators are one of the best brands locally and there are reasons for this. The average daily costs of running this brand of generator is much less than most diesel generator brands. Business owners are keen to use Perkins Generators because they aren’t heavy on the pocket to run them, but also save extra money from their profits.
  • Diesel is safer to use and to store. Other than the environmental benefits of using diesel in your generator, it is also a good fuel type for properties that need to store it for extended periods of time. That’s because it’s not as vulnerable to other elements but also because there are tips for diesel storage that make sure that it can last for months.
  • Extended Warranty: Perkins’s generators come with manufacturer warranties ranging from 1-3 years in duration, which depends on the specific model and desired usage conditions.

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The team at Reactive Generators can provide an extensive range of Perkins emergency generators to support any type of commercial or industrial working environment. All of the generators we supply, and provide local generator servicing for, have original engines and genuine parts to ensure the unbeatable performance that comes with the Perkins brand name. Get in touch with us today and we know that we will find you the best power generator to suit your individual application.

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