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Reactive Generators offers building load transfer system and automatic transfer switch testing, to ensure your emergency system is dependable and the power is efficiently transferred over short periods of time. Drawing on their abundant experience, our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and proven testing processes to ensure you’re easily able to switch your system to its secondary power during unpredictable power outages.

Why you need to Perform regular Building Load Transfer Testing

Generators are often used in situations of emergency, which means your machine can be used at unexpected times or at short notice. Failing to test your automatic transfer switch and building load transfer system during extended periods of inactivity can see fluids building up in the generator or malfunctioning transmissions between the property and the unit. Failing to identify issues quickly can also lead to unnecessary operating costs, reduced life-expectancy, hindered efficiency and increased emissions. Performing regular building load transfer and automatic transfer switch tests is the optimal way to identify and address any issues before a situation arises. Scheduling regular tests with Reactive Generators will give you the peace of mind that your property and generator are working cohesively and effectively, ensuring you are ready to deal with any power outages or emergencies when they happen.

Building Load Transfer and Automatic Transfer Switch Testing

Process to perform Building Load Transfer and Automatic Transfer Switch Test

When a building load transfer and automatic transfer switch test is held, the connection between a generator and a building is assessed. Reactive Generators employ skilled and experienced technicians to conduct this process in the safest, quickest and easiest way possible. One of our professional staff members will run specific inspections and measurements between the generator and the property, comparing the input load to the output load detailing the sequence in events. Identifying any differences in parameters will highlight a potential transmission issue, which can be addressed by our technicians. The building transfer testing process conducted by Reactive Generators is as follows:

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Step One:

Before commencing a building transfer test, Reactive Generators will firstly check the integrity of the entire system as a whole and devise the process in which a mains failure is to take place. A Reactive Generators technician will then inspect the fluid levels of the generator and conduct a manual start to assure the generator is operating within desired specifications.

Building Load Transfer and Automatic Transfer Switch Testing
Building Load Transfer and Automatic Transfer Switch Testing

Step Two

After this and pending site awareness and positive communications, our Reactive Generators team member will conduct a mains failure scenario, his will be done differently upon each site and system. It is fundamental that there are no excessive differences between input and output levels, as this can identify an underlying issue in the transfer from the generator to the property.

Step Three:

Over a set period, Reactive Generators will monitor the building transfer, observing any unusual noises, activity or changes in the output. The duration of this period depends on the generator and property under testing. If any other issues are identified, the generator is immediately shut down after power is restored and flagged for repairs.

Building Load Transfer and Automatic Transfer Switch Testing

Building Transfer Testing FAQ

Why should I trust Reactive Generators with these tests?

At Reactive Generators, we pride ourselves on being a locally born and grown business, with a wealth of experience in the industry. Our team of Australian qualified and accredited tradesmen and engineers means you can expect a friendly, comprehensive and responsive experience, every time.

What happens if this test identifies any issues?

If we identify any issues during this testing process, we have replacement parts in stock at all times. Our skilled technicians can efficiently isolate the area of concern and swiftly implement a repair process. This procedure will ensure you’re back up and running before you know it!

Where are Reactive Generators located?

Reactive Generators is located in Queensland, boasting several teams across the state. Visit the locations tab in our main menu for more information about where you can find your closest Reactive Generators team.

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