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Generator Repair Services

Reactive Generators has a team of fully qualified experts on hand at all times for all your generator repairs. Our industry-leading professionals have years of experience, ensuring your generator is in the best possible hands. 


Generators play a fundamental role in many residences, businesses, industrial organisations and commercial settings, particularly during emergencies, power interruptions or events. These machines can also be used as the primary source of power in regions where access to a mains source is unfeasible. Playing such an essential role in a diverse range of settings, broken down or inefficient generators can present significant issues, unexpected costs and stressful delays.  

Repairing or replacing specific elements in a generator will ensure that your unit can perform at the highest possible standard when needed. Scheduling repairs as soon as an issue arises helps extend the machine’s predicted life expectancy, improve reliability and limit the need for unnecessary replacements. Using premium spare parts and drawing on a wealth of experience, Reactive Generators can ensure your machine is reliable, long-lasting and efficient.

Generator Repairs

Process Involves in Generator Repairs

Reactive Generators is supported by a team of fully qualified and experienced experts, who specialise in generator repairs and servicing. Our industry-leading technicians have the skills and resources to address any necessary generator repairs with the upmost efficiency. These repairs can be conducted after a scheduled Reactive Generators maintenance request or in response to an identified issue during owner operation. The repair process is mainly dependent on the nature of the works, but a general overview of the procedure is as follows: 

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A Breakdown of the Process is as Follows

Step One:

If any abnormalities are identified during a Reactive Generators maintenance request or test, the generator will be immediately shut down to avoid any further damage. Our skilled technicians will then work to isolate the issue, devise a repairs procedure, source the relevant parts and forward you a quotation for schedule the works. As we carry a wide range of parts in numerous brands at all of our sites, most repairs can commence immediately. 

Step Two:

Some repairs works are conducted in response to an emergency call-out from our clients. After flagging the issue, Reactive Generators will then schedule a site-visit or book you in an appointment to drop off your generator at our depot. Once the generator is assessed and the issue is identified, Reactive Generators can arrange the appropriate repairs pending your approval. By stocking quality genuine parts across a range of brands, our repairs can be undertaken with ease and efficiency. Some instances may require a short shut-down period; however, our team always strives to limit the impact on your daily operations.

Step Three:

If a repair is identified as part of a lifespan assessment or ongoing maintenance schedule, we can arrange for proactive maintenance on an ongoing basis. This process ensures your machine is always operating at an optimal level, enhancing its reliability and efficiency. Get in touch with Reactive Generators to discuss a repairs plan for your generator. 

Step Four:

Over the continued load period at 100%, we will continue to observe the generator, watching for overheating, listening for unusual noises and monitoring the outputs. The length of this process is dependent on each individual generator and or any inhouse requirements you may need met. If any issues are identified, the generator is immediately shut down to minimise the damage and submitted for repairs before being returned to service. 

Generator Repairs FAQ

What happens if Reactive Generators don’t have the necessary parts in stock?

Reactive Generators carries a wide range of quality and genuine parts, across a variety of major brands. This selection includes: 

  • Pramac
  • FG Wilson (Perkins) 
  • Cummins (DCEC & Onan)
  • Olympian (Caterpillar) 
  • Kubota
  • Honda and more..

We also work closely with several suppliers to ensure that we can easily order any additional parts when required. These connections mean we can provide efficient and long-lasting repairs for every generator. 


I’m not sure if my generators need any repairs, what should I do?

The team at Reactive Generators pride themselves on having a wealth of experience and qualifications. This knowledge and skills ensure they can quickly assess any generator, identifying any issues and devising an ongoing maintenance protocol. If you’re concerned about your generator, get in touch with our friendly staff to book in a generator service or assessment. 


How do I reduce the need for repairs?

Ongoing and proactive maintenance is the key to improving the lifespan of your generator and limiting the likelihood of breakdowns. After conducting a lifespan assessment, Reactive Generators can create a comprehensive maintenance plan for your specific generator. 


Where are Reactive Generators based?

Reactive Generators operates across Queensland, offering specialised teams in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Northern to Mid North Coast New South Wales. Our organisation includes on-site visits and in-depot services to ensure that we can provide timely and proactive solutions to your problems. Visit the locations tab in our main menu to find your closest Reactive Generators team and get in touch with our friendly staff to book your first appointment. 


Why should I trust Reactive Generators with my unit?

Reactive Generators only employs fully-qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals to work in our stores. Drawing on years in the industry, our team of experts are driven by customer satisfaction and strive to provide efficient and friendly support for every customer. Our Queensland-wide crews specialise in generator repairs, service and maintenance, as well as offering a range of other options. Visit the services section of our main menu for an overview of what we offer.    

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