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Reactive Generators takes care of all your generator servicing needs. Our staff are leaders in the field of generator servicing and are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient solutions for new and used units. Used by industry like Kennards Hire, Active Hire, PR Power and more as well as maintaining the local government services and branded corporates around Australia, align your assets with the one truly trusted name in power generation maintenance. See your asset productivity rise, downtime lower and maintenance costs drop with preventative maintenance plans structured just for you. 


Whether a generator is used 24-hours a day, seven days a week or sits on standby for an emergency, the machine’s reliability and efficiency are fundamental. Ongoing maintenance and servicing are the simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure your unit is ready when it is needed. Without proper maintenance, generators are more susceptible to fuel problems like sediment build up on the system, clogged fuel injectors or dead batteries. Ignoring these issues will not only limit the operational potential of your unit but will incur unnecessary and unexpected costs in the long run. Failing to upkeep these parts will also increase the likelihood of malfunctions during operation or when called upon remotely. 

As a generator can be a significant expense, ongoing servicing will improve its potential lifespan, limit unforeseen breakdowns and ensure the generator can reach its highest efficiency potential. By keeping your generator well serviced, you can keep it running smoothly for longer than if you ignored maintenance tasks. 

Generator Servicing


Reactive Generators offers comprehensive and tailored generator servicing for all kinds of units. Our professional and experienced experts are equipped to maintain your unit, identify any issues and make the appropriate repairs. By carrying a wide range of spare parts on-site, we can provide an effortless and streamlined solution for any generator. Where we don’t have parts in stock, our wide spanned suppliers can swiftly order in the required elements.

The level of servicing required for a specific generator varies significantly, dependent on the machine size, age, brand and usage. Generators that run frequently require more attention than backup generators that remain on standby for emergencies. Basic maintenance includes the following:

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1. Generator Cleanliness

All generators should be regularly cleaned and checked for leaks, intake of environmental debris and potential infestation of rodents and insects. This is generally done on a 1, 3, 6 or 12-monthly basis. A Reactive Generators technician will always assure when carrying out a service that they clean your unit as best possible upon completion, including within your control panels and enclosure venting.  

2. Engine Oil & Filter Change

To improve the reliability of a generator, the oil should regularly be changed and replaced with a fresh supply of the manufactures recommended lubricant. Oil changes are recommended every 50-60 hours of use for a small/portable generators engine and every 250 hours for medium to large generators engine. Whenever oil is changed, Reactive Generators always recommend replacing the oil filter/s. This will ensure that whatever sediments that may be remaining within the engine after an oil change has been carried out, do not contaminate the new oil and that it is filtered correctly through the machine with no existing restrictions. 

3.Fuel Filter/s & Air Filter/s Replacement

Dirty air filters limit the amount of clean air that can be taken in by the engine’s generator, hindering the overall efficiency and operating potential of a unit. Every Reactive Generator’s service will assess the quality of the current air filter and replace if needed or as per manufactures nominated schedule. Fuel Filters provide the first line of defense from harmful contaminants that can seriously degrade engine performance and lifespan. Fuel filters are must change item when ensuring complete health of a fuel system, especially a diesel or electronic system.

4. Spark Plug/s Replacement

Spark plugs should be changed roughly every 100-hours, but this also depends on the level of intensity that the generator is operated under and the type of fuel being used to run the engine. During a regular service, Reactive Generators will check that the current spark plugs are not worn, cracked, show signs of tracking or are under specified gapping measurements and will replace any failed spark plug/s found upon approval.

5. Checking your Battery & Charge

Start and Control battery power levels and general status should be checked at every service. Ensuring there is no visible signs of corrosion on the battery or its connections, that it’s static and charging voltage as well as amperage are within specified parameters and more. All of this will assure you can rely on your generator to work when it is needed and to start every time. 

Generator Load Testing FAQ

How often should I get my generator serviced?

The recommended regularity of servicing a generator varies significantly. These factors can depend on the age, size, usage and location of your unit. Get in touch with the friendly Reactive Generators team today to discuss your needs and receive a personalised and detailed servicing plan that not only meets manufactures instructions but exceeds them. 

What type of generators does Reactive Generators service?

Reactive Generator services a wide variety of generators, ranging from portable units to large, industrial machines and power stations. You can take comfort in knowing that our professional and knowledgeable teams are fully-qualified and experienced to handle every type of generator. Our servicing and maintenance operations can be conducted at our depots or through on-site visits.

To ensure that we can efficiently cater to every customer, we stock spare parts in a wide array of brands and can source any you may need. 

This selection includes: 

  • Perkins (FG Wilson, Sabre, Lister Petter, Dorman)
  • Caterpillar (Olympian)
  • Cummins (DCEC)
  • Pramac
  • Denyo 
  • Kubota 
  • Atlas Copco and more.

Where are Reactive Generators located?

Reactive Generators is proudly a Queensland-born business that remains tied to the local community. Our friendly crews are dotted around the state, with field service located in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Northern to Mid North New South Wales. Visit the locations tab on our main menu to find your closest crew and get in contact to schedule your service. 

Isn’t servicing my generator expensive and unnecessary?

Regular servicing and maintenance of a generator may incur some upfront costs, but these measures will reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and will enhance the unit’s lifespan. Safeguarding the longevity of your generator will eliminate future costs, thus promising ongoing savings into the future. With our dedication to reliability, the best possible workmanship and a 24/7 flat rate all year round, your asset maintenance costs and downtime will never be lower. 

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