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What is a generator controller?

A generator controller is an addition to your industrial generator that uses micro technology processing techniques that track precise measurements and constantly make value adjustments. The controller does all these things with the aim of optimizing the performance of your generator. It is one of the modern developments that are improving the use of your industrial generator. They can be widely used in all types of generator automatic control systems. It is basically used to monitor and control a diesel generator’s parameters and provide system protection functions.

Functions of a generator controller

  • Start the engine
  • Monitor various generator protections
  • Display warnings (including indications about low oil pressure, high temperature, low coolant levels.)
  • Shut down the engine for protective reasons
  • Interfacing with an automatic transfer switch or inverter/battery system to start and stop automatically.
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Modern generator controllers are usually digital and are designed to give generator owners a new level of control of their generator. It will monitor the generator system at all times, and make sure that everything is operating as it should. More advanced controllers can provide real-time monitoring of wattage and voltz in addition to the basic engine/generator safeties and auto-start functions. Larger generators often have a communication capability for remote monitoring and starting. They’re also very useful in the fast and easy updating of the maintenance hours along with and timer start/stop for programmed work cycles. The controllers can either have digital or analogue inputs & outputs and they can be programmable from a keyboard.

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Why a generator controller is useful

Generator controllers are handy tools for industrial and commercial property owners or managers who work remotely away from the premises. This means that they can check in on the health of their generator even if they are not directly on the property. This all depends on the capability of the controller, with some being able to function by using the internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Generator controllers are the quickest and first tool in recognizing any developing issues linked with your generator. They are designed to constantly monitor the performance of all the systems and tanks within the generator and immediately alert you in cases where it isn’t performing as it should

Generator controllers are also perfect tools for industrial properties that may be far away from professional and qualified generator servicing teams because they can alert you of a problem before it leads to a complete breakdown. This gives you time, as the generator owner, to call in a professional to deal with the issue before it escalates.

If you aren’t a generator expert, or you wouldn’t know how to spot signs of potential generator failure, then generator controllers are for you. They do all the technical thinking for you and will indicate what the issue is without you having to inspect the generator yourself. They work as constant monitors of your system and are designed to immediately pick up on any issue before you would ever be able to spot them.

Generator maintenance is a very important part of maintaining the durability and function of your generator. It may be difficult for you to keep up with the maintenance schedule, on top of managing the industrial premises. This is where the generator controller comes in because it can keep track of a required servicing schedule. They can also be set to alert the owner after a certain number of hours used and this is also an indicator that it is time for routine maintenance.