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Generator Installations & Connections

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Reactive Generators offers comprehensive connection and disconnection services for all types of generators. Whether it’s a permanent, temporary, emergency, paralleling, synchronising or mobile plugin, you can count on our experienced and friendly team to get the job done.

Reactive Generators has been installing industrial generators of all sizes across Queensland for many decades now and we know that they aren’t easy to do. Generator installation should only be done by a professional company that has sufficient experience and ability to manage the installation properly. We’re a licensed service provider that is best suited to handle the installation process and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about making sure the process is as stress-free as possible.

Why do you need a Generator Connection or Disconnection?

Generators are often used to supply back up power to facilities, businesses or homes during power outages. They are also used as primary power sources in regions where a local electrical grid is unavailable, or as a temporary measure at mobile events. Some generators are small, portable devices, while others are capable of providing full-power to entire facilities on an ongoing basis.

By converting mechanical or chemical energy into electrical energy, generators can provide an efficient and reliable external source of power. However, installing these machines is not always as simple as it seems. For safety reasons and to ensure adherence to all local, state and national Electrical Codes and Australian Standards, we highly recommend using an experienced and authorised team like Reactive Generators to install your unit. This will safeguard your generator warranty, maintain legal compliance and enhance the machine’s reliability. The same concerns apply to the disconnection of an existing generator setup, as incorrect handling can lead to unnecessary damage, a reduced life expectancy for the generator and potential safety risks.

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Everything You Need to Know About Generator Installation

The installation process for the industrial and commercial setting has to be handled by an expert to make sure that the property is protected when electricity isn’t available. The process can change based on their fuel type because they typically run on several options including natural gas, petrol, or diesel. They will be placed outside, similarly to an industrial-sized air conditioning unit, and will have to comply with national sound and emissions regulatory requirements. Another very important part of the installation process involves the inclusion of an automatic transfer switch. The transfer switch is there to sense power disruptions and will automatically kick start until power is restored.

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Important steps to consider when it comes to installing a generator

Regulatory requirements

Especially for industrial and commercial settings, the specialist you choose will change their approach based on any laws or regulations about installing a generator within your premises. The professional installers will have to consider the location of the generator, where the fuel will be sourced and the amount of power it will need. All of these things will change the requirements that the generator will have to comply with in accordance with local regulations. Once these things are checked and approved, and you have chosen your supplier, you will be ready for the installation.

Installation process

After purchasing the generator and any required accessories that are needed, we will get prepared to install the unit. We will proceed with all the safe steps to ensure a high-quality installation. The installation itself is a complicated process that has many technical aspects involved from the positioning, to connecting fuel lines, to wiring the generator sub-panel. This is exactly why the job shouldn’t be left to an unlicensed technician because you are not guaranteed that the installation will be handled with the extra care of the best-qualified expert. Once your generator is safely installed it will be properly tested to make sure that it is working as it should be. You may also be given a brief tutorial on how it operates, manufacturer requirements, and maintenance requirements. Reactive Generators is a service provider that also offers a maintenance plan with details about all the required upkeep, and information about the required intervals.

We have all the skills and experience needed to take you through the journey of installing a new generator from consultation to disconnection. We’ll help you find the best generator for your needs and then follow through with a seamless installation on your property. We’ll guide you in areas where we have to meet all local codes and regulations for an emergency power solution you can count on.



The Process of Connecting or Disconnecting a Generator

The team at Reactive Generators have been factory trained and certified for both residential, commercial and industrial generators. Our generator connections and disconnection services cover the installation or removal of existing generators, in a safe, efficient and timely manner. We work in collaboration with our clients to ensure that we are continually exceeding their expectations. The process is mainly dependent on the type and size of the unit, place of connection and length of use.


Step One

Reactive Generators offers a comprehensive, in-house installation team, meaning you won’t need to divide the generator installation into smaller projects for individual tradesmen, such as engineers and electricians.

Step Two

Our knowledgeable team can help locate a suitable area to connect the generator that is:

  • Code compliant
  • Accessible for maintenance
  • Away from windows, doors and in compliance with diesel emission laws
  • Away or safe guarded from water sources, waste and utility access points
  • Compliant with any locally-specific company, state or national regulations

Step Three

Before connecting your generator, we can guide you through any permits or plans that may be required before the process can continue.

Step Four

After gaining the necessary approval and securing the generator in place, Reactive Generators can connect the unit to and external bulk fuel source if required and connect any automatic or remote switching needs. We will then check the fluids and fuel levels, to ensure that your generator is ready for use immediately and upon approval confirm operation of power supply.


Step One

Reactive Generators offers a comprehensive, in-house disconnection team, meaning you won’t need to divide the generator removal into smaller projects for individual tradesmen, such as engineers and electricians.

Step Two

Before disconnecting your generator, our knowledgeable team will document all on-site equipment, recording any issues likely to impact on the generator’s removal. These considerations can include a period of loss of power, live electrical works, blocked or disturbed access and or the need for state utilities authorisations.

Step Three

After reviewing all surrounding equipment that will need to be disconnected during the de-install, we will devise a strategy for the handling and disposal of any chemical and fuels.

Step Four

With a detailed plan and all necessary measures in place, we will then disconnect the primary electrical wiring to and from the generator, terminating all wires properly to close connections and demobilize the generator from site for you.


Why do I need a professional or connect and disconnect my generator?

Generators come in all sizes and engine types, meaning every connection or disconnection process is different. Our technicians are highly experienced and have the relevant training to ensure an efficient, safe and secure experience.

Why should I trust Reactor Generator?

With an abundance of experience and teams across Queensland, Reactive Generators has a proven track record for customer satisfaction. We strive to continually exceed customer expectations by providing friendly, responsive and personalised services.

Can you help after the generator is connected?

The team at Reactive Generators are the experts in ongoing generator maintenance and offer a range of services to ensure that your unit is kept up to standard. Visit the services tab of our main menu for a more comprehensive overview of our maintenance and testing services.

Where are Reactive Generators located?

Reactive Generators is located in Queensland, boasting several teams across the state. Visit the locations tab in our main menu for more information about where you can find your closest Reactive Generators team.