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Industrial Generator Servicing

Industrial Generators

Industrial Generator Servicing

An industrial generator is much the same as any other power generator with regards to their purpose and how they work, but with a few notable differences. Industrial generators are versatile and robust equipment, recommended for different industries and not for day-to-day household use. Industrial generators are very different from residential models.

These generators must withstand extreme usage for extended periods in less than ideal conditions. In either of these industries, a power failure can lead to drastic problems, because it can result in critical damage, such as loss of production, loss of data and information, or even severe accidents.

For this reason, they are built and manufactured in compliance with strict legal requirements and manufacturing specifications, so that they can guarantee the operation of different equipment and heavy machinery in the absence of main power while acting as a continuous or emergency power source, and ensure an efficient response.

Advantages of Industrial Generators

In the event of a main power failure, industrial generators act either as a continuous power supply, being the main source of electricity, or as a standby power supply, protecting the proper functioning of the electrical appliances.

Without sacrificing quality, they provide power over long distances, which is necessary for events, major construction works, logistics centres, hospital services, among others.

There are many solutions for industrial generators, as in any range, which are tailored to the diverse needs of the different areas of industrial work. But all goods in this range are distinguished by being able to supply energy efficiently.

Generators play a key role in many households, businesses, industrial organisations and commercial settings, especially during emergencies, power interruptions or events. These equipments can also be used as the primary source of power in regions where access to a main source of power is not feasible. As generators play a very important role in the functioning of a number of systems, broken down or unreliable generators pose major problems, unexpected costs and stressful delays.

Even though industrial generators last longer, they don’t last forever. To avoid power failures and unexpected costs, it is important to repair / replace the parts that don’t work.

Types of Industrial Generators

It is important to select the correct industrial power generator for your application. There are several types of industrial generator to consider, each of which, depending on the application, has its own benefits.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators range from 9 kW to 2 mW and are a great solution for remote applications where no power or access to natural gas is available. One advantage of diesel generators is that in most applications, diesel fuel is relatively simple to come by.

Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators range from 18 kW to 1000 kW are built to operate off natural gas pipelines. The need for refuelling is removed, saving time and money by using the natural gas that is being pumped from the well to power the generator.


Reactive Generators

Reactive Generators has a team of professionally trained specialists on hand for all your generator repairs at all times. Our industry-leading experts have years of experience ensuring that your generator is in the best possible hands. Repairing or replacing specific parts in a generator will ensure that the machine will work at the highest possible level when required. Scheduling maintenance as soon as a problem occurs helps to increase the expected life expectancy of the system, boost reliability, and reduce the need for costly replacements. Using quality spare parts and drawing on a wealth of experience, Reactive Generators will ensure that your machine is reliable and effective.

Why Does Your Generator Need Regular Servicing and Maintenance?

Failure to maintain your generator properly will lead to very expensive repairs and failure to operate properly when power is out. The aim of standby generators is to power your home or business facility when the main power lines fail, sometimes an unforeseeable situation.

Regular maintenance and servicing of the generator is important because it will eliminate future costs, thus promising ongoing savings into the future. It may incur some upfront costs, but these measures will reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and will enhance the unit’s lifespan. With our dedication to reliability, the best possible workmanship and a 24/7 flat rate all year round, your asset maintenance costs and downtime will never be lower.

The level of servicing required is based on many things, but the basic maintenance includes –

Generator Assessment

The recommended regularity of servicing a generator varies significantly. These factors can depend on the age, size, usage and location of your unit. Get in touch with the friendly Reactive Generators team today to discuss your needs and receive a personalised and detailed servicing plan that not only meets manufactures instructions but exceeds them.

The general inspection is a routine maintenance practise. Inspections consist of inspecting the leaks, determining the oil and coolant levels, looking at the belts and hoses, and inspecting the terminals and cables of the battery. It is also necessary to check the oil, as it must be checked on a regular basis. The amount of oil change depends on the maker, how much the generator is used and your working environment. Usually, after 100 hours of service, it is recommended that you change the oil, particularly if the generator uses diesel or petrol.

Our thorough assessment includes –

  • Timely removal of worn-out parts or upgrading the components
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Battery inspection and cleaning of connections
  • Load bank testing
  • Verifying control panel readings and indicators
  • Changing fuel and air filters
Industrial Generator Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Annual fuel cleaning and filtering, as diesel and petrol fuel is rapidly deteriorating. After a few weeks of service, diesel and petrol fuel is degraded by contamination of water and bacteria, resulting in clogged fuel lines and filters. Fuel cleaning includes the use of biocides annually in all generators except the standby generator, which absorbs moisture.

The cooling system to be maintained, which allows the level of the coolant to be tested at current intervals. This must be done during the shutdown process.

Checking for battery power; this is particularly true for standby generators, as their primary cause of failure is battery problems. Make sure the batteries are durable and charged to last long enough to prevent incurring any start-up hitches for the generator.

Daily checking to remind the current state of the battery. Testing includes checking the electrolyte level and the basic gravity of the batteries. The batteries themselves must also be clean.

Preventative maintenance thus ensures that you get uninterrupted power supply for all your needs. Having issues with a generator? Do you need regular servicing and maintenance? Reactive Generators can also help with all your generator needs.

Reactive Generators operates across Queensland, offering specialised teams in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Northern to Mid North Coast New South Wales. Our organisation includes on-site visits and in-depot services to ensure that we can provide timely and proactive solutions to your problems. Visit the locations tab in our main menu to find your closest Reactive Generators team and get in touch with our friendly staff to book your first appointment.


What happens if Reactive Generators don’t have the necessary parts in stock?

Reactive Generators carries a wide range of quality and genuine parts, across a variety of major brands. This selection includes:

  • Pramac
  • FG Wilson (Perkins)
  • Cummins (DCEC & Onan)
  • Olympian (Caterpillar)
  • Kubota
  • Honda and more..

We also work closely with several suppliers to ensure that we can easily order any additional parts when required. These connections mean we can provide efficient and long-lasting repairs for every generator.

I’m not sure if my generators need any repairs, what should I do?

The team at Reactive Generators pride themselves on having a wealth of experience and qualifications. This knowledge and skills ensure they can quickly assess any generator, identifying any issues and devising an ongoing maintenance protocol. If you’re concerned about your generator, get in touch with our friendly staff to book in a generator service or assessment.

How do I reduce the need for repairs?

Ongoing and proactive maintenance is the key to improving the lifespan of your generator and limiting the likelihood of breakdowns. After conducting a lifespan assessment, Reactive Generators can create a comprehensive maintenance plan for your specific generator.

Where are Reactive Generators based?

Reactive Generators operates across Queensland, offering specialised teams in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Northern to Mid North Coast New South Wales. Our organisation includes on-site visits and in-depot services to ensure that we can provide timely and proactive solutions to your problems. Visit the locations tab in our main menu to find your closest Reactive Generators team and get in touch with our friendly staff to book your first appointment.

Why should I trust Reactive Generators with my unit?

Reactive Generators only employs fully-qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals to work in our stores. Drawing on years in the industry, our team of experts are driven by customer satisfaction and strive to provide efficient and friendly support for every customer. Our Queensland-wide crews specialise in generator repairs, service and maintenance, as well as offering a range of other options. Visit the services section of our main menu for an overview of what we offer.