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An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an equipment that supplies electrical power in an emergency when there is a problem with the normal supply of electricity. Provides an almost instantaneous supply of electricity during any power outage.

UPS batteries are lead-acid batteries that use sulphuric acid gel instead of sulphuric acid liquid batteries like car batteries. They have a wide range of dimensions and one of their key characteristics is that they do not leak or emit fumes. This is one of the most important reasons why they are used safely in residences, server rooms, data centres, manufacturing environments, hospitals, workplaces and other poorly ventilated areas. These sealed lead-acid batteries can be found in certain electronics stores or UPS specialised stores.

We know how severe the conditions of Queensland can be. High humidity, occasional tropical storms and drying temperatures all affect our equipment. Poorly maintained machines, especially a UPS will not last long under these conditions. There are many advantages to regular UPS service for your equipment, such as improved performance and better power filtration.

UPS Services

UPS Installation

Smaller UPS units, such as < 1500VA units, use a regular 10A GPO outlet. They could be installed very quickly, just plug and play. Although we also suggest using professionals as they commission and set UPS specifications to work under strict electrical guidelines, minimising possible safety risks.

For anything above 1500VA, you will need the help of a trained professional. We can provide qualified technicians to you. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-site survey
  • Project planning
  • Unpacking and assembly support
  • Electric installation and wiring setup
UPS Maintenance

To ensure the maximum efficiency of your UPS systems, maintenance must be carried out regularly.

Advance power and air systems include components and parts that can be worn out over time. Proper care and routine maintenance will help you prevent excessive downtime, saving time and money.

To guarantee that your system is receiving the support it needs, you need specially trained professionals who are familiar with the inner workings of your UPS system.

UPS Repair

Because of the harsh weather and the irregular maintenance of UPS system, something is going to go wrong sooner or later. Instead of spending time trying to find out what’s wrong with your UPS system and causing more damage, call Reactive Generator. Also even if your UPS system wasn’t bought from us we’d still be able to fix it for you.

Often during your uninterrupted power supply maintenance, we may find that something isn’t correct. If you need a UPS repair, you’re in good hands with the Reactive Generators. Our team of skilled technicians are knowledgeable about all UPS systems and can repair your systems with less downtime as possible.

Other Services

UPS batteries are a crucial part of the UPS system, so it makes sense to have regular UPS battery service. By failing to maintain your UPS battery on a regular basis, you run the risk of your batteries being flat, bloated or simply broken. Our team will test your batteries to ensuring they function in a prime condition. In the event of a battery failure, our team will assist with the UPS battery replacement service.

We provide a full range of power protection solutions to ensure business continuity and protection of the critical information of your premises. Our other services include:

  • UPS Battery Service
  • UPS Parts Sale
  • Load Testing
  • Thermal imaging and reporting


What happens if Reactive Generators don’t have the necessary parts in stock?

Reactive Generators carries a wide range of quality and genuine parts, across a variety of major brands. This selection includes:

  • Pramac
  • FG Wilson (Perkins)
  • Cummins (DCEC & Onan)
  • Olympian (Caterpillar)
  • Kubota
  • Honda and more..

We also work closely with several suppliers to ensure that we can easily order any additional parts when required. These connections mean we can provide efficient and long-lasting repairs for every generator.

I’m not sure if my generators need any repairs, what should I do?

The team at Reactive Generators pride themselves on having a wealth of experience and qualifications. This knowledge and skills ensure they can quickly assess any generator, identifying any issues and devising an ongoing maintenance protocol. If you’re concerned about your generator, get in touch with our friendly staff to book in a generator service or assessment.

How do I reduce the need for repairs?

Ongoing and proactive maintenance is the key to improving the lifespan of your generator and limiting the likelihood of breakdowns. After conducting a lifespan assessment, Reactive Generators can create a comprehensive maintenance plan for your specific generator.

Where are Reactive Generators based?

Reactive Generators operates across Queensland, offering specialised teams in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Northern to Mid North Coast New South Wales. Our organisation includes on-site visits and in-depot services to ensure that we can provide timely and proactive solutions to your problems. Visit the locations tab in our main menu to find your closest Reactive Generators team and get in touch with our friendly staff to book your first appointment.

Why should I trust Reactive Generators with my unit?

Reactive Generators only employs fully-qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals to work in our stores. Drawing on years in the industry, our team of experts are driven by customer satisfaction and strive to provide efficient and friendly support for every customer. Our Queensland-wide crews specialise in generator repairs, service and maintenance, as well as offering a range of other options. Visit the services section of our main menu for an overview of what we offer.