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uCharge automatic battery chargers provide a cost effective solution to most industrial battery charging requirements.

Utilising the latest high efficiency switch-mode technology and micro-processor control, the range is suitable for charging most sealed or flooded batteries and is easily calibrated by the end user to suit the battery type. The multi-stage intelligent charging characteristic ensures accurate and efficient battery charging and is designed for permanent connection to the batteries maintaining them in a fully charged condition without overcharging.

uCharge is fully protected against overload, reverse battery connection, over voltage and over temperature.

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Voltage range, V 90 – 264V AC
Frequency 47 – 63Hz
Input current 1.5A rms max.
Leakage current None
MAS 0612 12V-6A
MAS 0612R 12V-6A
MAS 0324 24V-3A
MAS 0324R 24V-3A
Voltage / Current
Other voltages on request
12.0V Nominal 6.0Apk. 24.0V Nominal 3.0Apk.
Ripple and noise ±0.5%
Line regulation ±1.0%
Load regulation ±1.0%
Efficiency Up to 90%
Overload protection Constant current limit / fold back
Over temp. protection Output shutdown with automatic recovery
Reversed battery
Automatic protection.
Disabled when in PSU mode.