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KD1000-E ISO20 – Soundproofing canopy

As part of Kohler’s one-source responsibility as a generator manufacturer in the country, you can also rely on them for sound and weather enclosures. They are designed and carefully built to protect your industrial generator from the environment. That includes everything from rain to snow and so much more. Canopies are also an efficient way to limit noise pollution from your generator which can be advantageous for compliance requirements. Kohler’s range of canopies has large doors that still allow for easy access to the generator for any reason. To refuel, check the control panel or for important maintenance work. It controls air-intake and shields your generator parts from rain and other sources of moisture which can be damaging. Your emergency stop button is still easily accessible whether you are in or outside of the canopy.

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Other Benefits
  • White paint finishing (RAL 9010 or according to RAL list)
  • Paint: 1 coat anti-rust zinc primer ; 1 coat polyurethane primer ; 1 coat polyurethane finish
  • One high performance 30 dB(A) attenuation silencers integrated
  • Sound and Weather protection
  • Aluminium and Steel enclosures are available
Canopy Specifications
  • Model: KD1000-E
  • Sound level: dB(A)@1m – 86 & dB(A)@7m – 77
  • Dimensions (mm): 6058 x 2438 x 2896
  • Weight (kg): 11650
  • Tank (l): 500