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KD1250-E, 50 Hz – Industrial Diesel Generator Set


This range of industrial generators is emission optimized and compliant with EPA Tier 2. That means you are guaranteed a small carbon footprint among other sustainable features. Reactive Generators is also an official supplier of Kohler generator canopies to help you even further with industrial generator compliance. Your Kohler generator will not only be climate-conscious but noise compliant too, all while offering engine efficiency that isn’t compromised in any way.  Kohler is a brand that aims to constantly develop new and innovative products that are engineered to supply the power that keeps local businesses running

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Other Benefits
  • Generator sets and accessories that are a compact and complete solution
  • Optimum performance thanks to a mechanically driven radiator fan
  • High temperature and altitude capacity available
  • Kohler has a wide control panel range
Generator Specifications
  • Voltage (V) 400/230
  • Performance class – G3
  • Standard Control Panel M80-D, APM403, APM802,
  • Consumption @ 100% PRP load (L/h) 237 258.1
  • Engine optimisation – E
  • Type of Cooling – Radiator
  • Number of cylinders – 16
All Kohler generators are backed by an industry-leading guarantee that includes:

  • Standard three-year or 1000-hour limited warranty for standby applications
  • Standard two-year or 8700-hour limited warranty for prime power applications
  • Ongoing product support