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KD1400-E ISO20 – Soundproofing canopy

Kohler’s expertly designed, carefully tested and professionally manufactured soundproofing canopy offers a whole host of benefits all in one product. It works as an enclosure to block all potentially harmful environmental elements out, all while keeping in the noise and protecting the components inside it. It is able to achieve this through sound-attenuating design and offers mechanically restrained acoustic insulation with urethane film UL 94 HF1 listed for flame resistance. The enclosure also includes a critical exhaust silencer offering maximum component life and operator safety. Even though it locks the sound in, the enclosure still ensures breathability and sufficient airflow for your generator. The acoustic insulation also doubles up as a moisture repellent to avoid the absorption of it. The outside structure is protected by advanced corrosion and abrasion protection as well as enhanced edge coverage and colour retention.

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Other Benefits
  • White paint finishing (RAL 9010 or according to RAL list)
  • Paint: 1 coat anti-rust zinc primer ; 1 coat polyurethane primer ; 1 coat polyurethane finish
  • One high performance 30 dB(A) attenuation silencers integrated
  • Sound and Weather protection
  • Aluminium and Steel enclosures are available
Canopy specifications
  • Model: KD1400-E
  • Sound level: dB(A)@1m – 91 & dB(A)@7m – 82
  • Dimensions (mm): 6058 x 2438 x 2896
  • Weight (kg): 15800
  • Tank (l): 432