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KD200, 50 Hz – Industrial Diesel Generator Set

Give your commercial office or industrial property a touch of sophisticated technical innovation by investing in a Kohler generator. Kohler generators are designed, tested and produced to the highest standards at one of their modern fully certified factories. Reactive Generators is now a certified supplier, and we can bring the product straight from factory to you. While Kohler handles cutting edge generator products, we can follow-through with highly experienced installation and servicing. The generating set, its components and a wide range of options have been fully developed for safe and reliable use. That means you’ll enjoy premium service as soon as you switch the unit on.

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Other Benefits
  • Premium level engines, in-house or from strong partners
  • High power density but with small carbon footprint
  • Low temperature starting capability
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • Provide industry-leading motor starting capability
Generator Specifications
  • Engine brand – JOHN DEERE
  • Alternator commercial brand – KOHLER
  • Voltage (V) 400/230
  • Standard Control Panel – APM303
  • Consumption @ 100% load ESP (L/h) 42
  • Consumption @ 100% load PRP (L/h) 38
  • Type of Cooling – Mechanical driven fan
  • Performance class – G3
  • Number of cylinders 6
For Products in “backup” service

  • 30 months from the date the product leaves the plant
  • 24 months from the Product’s commissioning date
  • 1,000 running hours

For Products in “prime” or “continuous” service

  • 18 months from the date the product leaves the plant
  • 12 months from the Product’s commissioning date
  • 2,500 running hours