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GC 400 controller

Parallel Gen-setControllers:  -Controllers to parallel single set to mains, Multiple sets or multiple mains together.

Competitive Parallel controller for aplications with either multiple gen-sets (GC 400) running in parallel either islanded or in parallel with a mains supply, or single sets [GC 400 mains] running in parallel with mains supply. A version with built in GPRS/GPS tracking (GC 400 Link 5G) is particularly suited to mobile and Rental applications where multi-set parallel operation is required. GC 400 Link 5G has s built in global 5G modem with global 2G fall back capability. which also embeds the GNSS localisation system [GPS/GLONASS/BD] to provide a high-availability solution that offers industry-leading accuracy and performance.

  • Size 244 x 178 x 40 mm (Cut-out 218 x 159 mm)
  • 4 Alternative configurations
  • Parallel up to 16 Gen-sets
  • BDEW Grid code compliant
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