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Tecnogen Generators

Tecnogen Generators

Tecnogen Generators

Tecnogen is a generator manufacturer that was founded at the beginning of the 1990s and has made a name for itself on the global stage since. It’s managed to grow a loyal customer base across the world, in Australia and for industrial clients in Queensland because they’ve put an emphasis on quality products. It handles all the manufacturing of all its products at its headquarters branch offices in Italy. It has a wide range of industrial and other generator solutions to cater to various requirements in various regions. Tecnogen’s generators are made with the best diesel and fuel-powered engines available on the market. The brand offers soundproofed, galvanised canopies that are all produced and designed by them. For specific applications, in entertainment and other industrial projects of that nature, Tecnogen produces enclosures with noise levels of less than 59 dba. In addition, the Italian producer also offers power generators with synchronization and automation systems for those that require auto producer needs in the industrial market. Generators can also be equipped with remote control, engine-driven welders and other modern accessories and additions that will make their use more convenient.

Reactive Generators specialises in Tecnogen installations, repairs, and maintenance because it is a brand that is constantly modernising its products. Its industrial range of generators include ultra-efficient, reliable, and extra quiet generating sets. Over the last years Tecnogen has streamlined its product offering to continuously focus on increasing its production capability and the quality of the products it produces.

Benefits of a Tecnogen industrial generator

  • The brand has 25 years of experience in generator manufacturing
  • It is efficient at quick and consistent supply. Production capacity exceeds 35 000 units
  • An advanced distribution network in more than 70 different countries
Tecnogen Generators

Choose Reactive Generators for your Tecnogen generator servicing needs

We offer service that guarantees reliability and peace of mind. Call us on 07 3710 8212 and we can offer you a planned generator maintenance schedule that will help to keep operations at full capacity on your industrial property in Queensland. The most important reason for having a planned maintenance agreement with us is that it’ll take the stress away from the upkeep of your industrial power solution. There is a licensed and experienced service provider who will ensure that your Tecnogen generators are protected and that any minor issues are diagnosed before becoming a serious problem.

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